Characteristics and uses of conductive masterbatch plastics

2021-11-13 2088

Characteristics and uses of conductive masterbatch plastics

1、 Characteristics of conductive masterbatch plastics:

① Most plastics are lightweight, chemically stable, and will not rust;

② Good impact resistance;

③ Has good transparency and wear resistance;

④ Good insulation and low thermal conductivity;


⑤ Generally, it has good formability and coloring properties, and low processing costs;

⑥ Most plastics have poor heat resistance, high thermal expansion rate, and are prone to combustion;

⑦ Poor dimensional stability and easy deformation;

⑧ Most plastics have poor low-temperature resistance and become brittle at low temperatures;

⑨ Easy to age;

⑩ Some plastics are easily soluble in solvents.

2、 The use of conductive masterbatch plastics:

Conductive masterbatch plastics have not only rapidly developed in applications such as anti electrostatic additives, computer anti electromagnetic screens, and smart windows, but also have broad application prospects in fields such as solar cells, mobile phones, micro TV screens, and even life science research. In addition, conductive masterbatch plastics will also play a driving role in the rapid development of molecular electronics. In the future, humans can not only greatly improve the computational speed of computers, but also reduce their size. Therefore, some predict that future laptops can be installed in watches.

Article source: Taishan conductive masterbatch